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Hollis Brookline Crew Rower's Guide


Before the Regatta

  • Eat a whole-grain pasta dinner the night before.

  • Pre-hydrate at least one full day in advance.

  • Get plenty of sleep.

  • Pack your “kit” (crew bag) with clean spare clothes (list below).

  • Know what boat the coaches assigned you to on the last practice before the regatta & tell your parents so they know what time your race is.

  • Understand line ups are subject to change as are race times, so have a positive, flexible attitude and be ready to do what the coaches ask of you.


Regatta Day


  • Arrive on time and plan to stay all day to support the team and get all jobs done. 2. Please stay together & be responsible for knowing where you need to be.

  • Come prepared & keep your gear organized & dry in the crew tent.


What to Wear & Bring


  1. Wear your uniforms: tank & trou or unisuit for girls, unisuit for boys. Novice rowers can wear HB Crew tech shirt/trou.

  2. Leggings over trou are a safe bet to keep you warm on 3-mile row to start

  3. Thin gloves or pogies to keep hards warm rowing to start position

  4. Uniform hat or uniform beanie to cover ears

  5. Sweatpants/shorts to go over your racing gear/change into after the race

  6. Sweatshirt

  7. Windbreaker or rain jacket

  8. Extra socks & shoes in case your first pair gets wet

  9. Sunscreen

  10. WATER & REMEMBER TO HYDRATE (a re-useable water bottle, labeled with name is MANDATORY

  11. Optional: Blanket/sleeping bag for downtime in crew tent

  12. Homework for downtime

  13. Money for parking (usually $10) & optional event t-shirts for sale (usually $20-25)


Race-Day Behavior


  1. Sportsmanlike conduct at all times!

  2. Clean & proper language is essential: you are representing our team on & off the water

  3. Stay out of the way of boats – there will be boats being carried all over the regatta site, and it is important to remember that they are extremely fragile and expensive 

  4. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and do your best to stay out of the way of teams that are carrying equipment

  5. Never step over a boat or oars that are on the ground – ALWAYS go around a boat rather than stepping over it. Again, they are expensive and fragile

  6. After the race, it’s fine to say “nice job” to another boat, but limit your speaking to that. When you are in the boat, it's best to stay silent, including after you cross the finish line. The best teams keep emotions in check

  7. Let your coxswain and coach know where you are going during race day – there is nothing worse than getting ready to launch and not knowing where a rower is. If you’re heading to the bathroom, let your coxswain & coach know so that there is no confusion

  8. When you win a race- stay together with your crew so we can take your photograph for the newspaper 


Thank you for being the responsible, professional, and outstanding HB Crew!!!

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