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Hollis Brookline Crew Hospitality Guide

HB Crew Hospitality is perhaps best described as “crew tailgating.” We try hard to keep it simple, welcoming, and fun. The primary objective is to have lunch ready for the rowers and coxswains once they’re done racing, but feeding parents, siblings, and other family and friends is a close second! Despite only seeing our kids on the water for 30 seconds over the course of five or six hours we really enjoy regatta days.


Some of us arrive early to find a good viewing spot and set up our tents. We will have coffee and  breakfast for available for spectators (rowers get their own instructions from Coach about what and when to eat).


Lunch is potluck/burgers and hotdogs - signups are designed to be easy, so as long as we get the basic categories covered we’re not picky about what the dishes are. Once we know race times we’ll send out the link, sometimes only two or three days before the event. Categories range from ice to dessert, and cash donations are always welcome since we like to use team funds for long-term purchases like boats and oars. If we are brown-bagging (a rare occurrence) we’ll let you know that, too.


Lunch is available until all coxes and rowers have had their meal and then we break down the tents, load the trailer, clean up the site, and head home. It usually goes quite well, with great food and lots of pitching in being what we’ve come to expect from our wonderful crew family.


Please let us know of any allergies or food issues that need to be accommodated. We are vegetarian friendly. Questions? Email our Hospitality director:

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