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Swim Test Information

All new crew members are required to pass a swim test before getting in a boat. 

To pass the test, you must be able to:

1. Tread water for 10 minutes while wearing full set of sweat clothes.
2. Demonstrate the ability to place a life jacket on while treading water.
3. Swim 50 meters (any stroke).

*The above are accomplished consecutively while remaining in the pool. 
Each individual is required to wear clothing appropriate for spring rowing when it is cold in the beginning of the season at practice (i.e. long pants with jacket or sweatshirt). Long sleeve T-shirts are NOT acceptable. You will be entering the water with the clothing on. We will be testing your ability to stay afloat until a safety launch can get to you if necessary. 

HBHS Assistant Principal & Head Swim Coach Bob Ouellette will conduct the swim test. Click here to read about Mr. Ouellette's background and certification.

Questions? Contact Joyce Pepin

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